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Cost Calculator

Find out how our Dedicated Fleet Solutions can save and make you money!

Employee Information
Number of Drivers
Hourly Rate $
Overtime Rate $
Regular Hours
Overtime Hours
Weekly Average Pay $
Monthly Average Pay $
Employee Cost Results
Wages (Including Overtime) $
Social Security Contribution $
Unemployment Compensation Contribution $
Workman’s Compensation $
Misc./Adm. Hiring Drug Screen Training $
Vacation / Sick Leave $
Fringe benefits (Medical, Dental & Life) $
Monthly Average Expense Per Employee $
Total Monthly Employee Expense $

Vehicle Information
Number Of Vehicles
Average Cost Of Vehicle $
Price Of Gas Per Gallon $
Vehicle Miles Per Gallon
Miles Driver Per Day
Insurance Per Month $
Exterior Maintenance $
Communication Devices $
Vehicle Cost Results
Original Cost (Cash) or Loan Payment $
Licenses, Title, Fees & Permits (State and/or Federal) $
Taxes (State, Country, School, VIP – Where Applicable) $
Gas Oil & Grease (Based on 16.67 Gallons Per Day) $
Insurance (Liability, Collision, Cargo, Fire, Theft & Legal) $
Actions Not Indemnified by Insurance $
Normal maintenance (Service, Parts, Tires, Etc. ) $
Washing & Exterior Maintenance $
Communication Devices $
Monthly Average Expense Per Vehicle $
Total Monthly Vehicle Expense $
Total Daily Costs of Employees & Vehicles $
Total Monthly Costs of Employees & Vehicles $
Total Yearly Costs of Employees & Vehicles $

















Due to the increased need for vital trucking and transportation services, companies from various industries have been investing significant funds into purchasing trucks and hiring new employees to drive them. However, Diligent Delivery Systems has the capacity to help these companies decrease their trucking costs, increase cash flow, as well as ensure that they continue doing what they do best!

Our company provides an important and valuable service to businesses like yours who need freight services. Diligent helps shippers by providing reliable motor carriers that you might not have otherwise known about. In fact, many companies use Diligent as their traffic and transportation department; providing us with the opportunity to coordinate all of their shipping needs.

If the expansion and growth of your company requires a solid logistics partner, allow us to be Your Total DELIVERY Solution! Diligent has established a proven track record as a reliable, full-service transportation provider, with a comprehensive range of logistic services individually tailored to suit our client's requirements. Contact one of our logistics consultants via our online form or by phone at 1.888.374.3354 and give us the opportunity to show you how to experience as much as 32% in savings today.














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